Thursday, December 5, 2013

Free Writing 12/5/2013

Pepper your thoughts with rubbish.
That's what I do every day.
Don't listen to the gibbering masses.
They'll lead you astray anyway.

A long dither 'bout whether she blathered o'er here, thither, or home.

She cried and cried, and cried some more.
The sound was awful, I can say.
She did this because her daddy died,
And how she was never going to be okay.

So silently solemn, I soothed succinctly soliloquys searching her soul's sorrow.

But never enough, she yelled at me
Words and words, never hearing nay
Insisting on the importance of and
Reminding me the things her father would say,

"Look at you, you useless lump, a son I always wanted.
You've ruined my life, with your feminine strife,
So take these words that ne'er shall be blunted."

And with evil words spent, her mind in disrepair
Her stubborness immune to any sway,
"Tonight I'll end it all, with the point of a knife,
And sing heavenly praises most gay."

And that was the fucking end.

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