Sunday, December 1, 2013

Free Writing 12/1/2013

"I got nothing," he said, putting the cards down as a couple of laughs sounded across the table. He stared at the two laughing, laughing at some only half-funny joke before he cleared his throat and said, "In other words, I fold."

"Oh, sorry," Elizabeth said, looking at Ronnie's now abandoned hand. She looked at her hand and then said, "I guess I fold too." She laid her cards down, the ghost of her laughter holding strong as a leftover grin.

"Then I win!" Sam happily reached out and grabbed the stack of chips at the center of the table, though Ronnie suspected that his happiness, like Elizabeth's, was from the laughter they had been sharing. Still, he seemed to have no problem bringing the pile in front of himself. "I'm usually never this lucky."

A silence passed as suddenly both Elizabeth and Sam's lips were held in contained laughter. But, before long, they held it no more and the laughter broke out, the result of some joke that Ronnie apparently was not privy to. He looked between the two of them, wondering if there was something specific about anything anyone said that was funny, or if they just happened to be so far along in the near delirious laughs that everything spoken brought out a fit of giggles.

"I'm sorry no one else bothered to show. Kind of sucks it's just us," Ronnie said.

"No, this is great!" Elizabeth said with a big smile. She added, "This is a lot of fun." Sam didn't add anything, himself, though he nodded in solid agreement with Elizabeth.

"Good, I'm glad." Ronnie looked down at the cards that constituted his hand, all face down on the table. "Cards aren't usually my strong suit."

(This is normal Free Writing, but I think I'm actually going to continue this little story. I like the three characters, I like the implied dynamic, and I like the awkwardness. More from these three tomorrow!)

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