Monday, April 9, 2012

Free Writing 5

(This is free writing. It's generally fiction. It's generally nonsensical. If you don't know me, it'll just be weird, and that's fine. I hope you find some entertainment value out of it. If you do know me, please don't read anything into it, because it is nonsensical. Just letting the subconscious fire off random ideas. Again... Fiction.)

(Other note: You need to listen to while reading this, because that's what I was listening to when I wrote it.)

I'm trying to talk to you
      It's gleaming.

You pulled away, and that hurt
       It's cool to the touch. I like that.

You pulled away, angrily, and with some showmanship
       I've never used one before.

You're like an only child claiming some moral high ground
       There is power in this.

But we know you don't have any justification
       There's no turning back.

I only hope you're satisfied with the result
       Let's push that on my temple.

I miss the old days, with my old friends
        It's still cool, helps the headache.

I hate that you enjoy making me hurt and want to punish me
        I'll just punish myself.

So that's that now and I wish you the best
        I'll just pull that little trigger.

So here is the goodbye that I give you.
        It's not cool anymore.

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